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Vintage tabletop clock radio and alarm clock (flip clock) 1970-x years — iconic gadgets, have become popular again in the world for their unique design in the style of Space Age and thanks to the legendary films "Groundhog Day" and "Back to the Future". All flip clocks are from my personal collection restored, fixed, They work in 220v 50Hz power, and will serve for many years.

It is interesting: "Groundhog Day" flip clock from the same movie
Перекидные винтажные часы Panasonic. Похожая модель из фильма «День сурка».

The model looks like a clock from the movie Groundhog Day. Vintage analog-to-digital Flip clock radio alarm and backlight AM-FM Panasonic from 1970th. The retro-futuristic design style Sapce Age for vintage interior. Made in Japan. Excellent technical condition, all functions are OK. Carried out restoration and maintenance work. Good loud radio, the ability to connect an external antenna, comfortable night lighting (installed a new lamp). Minimal signs of wear. There may be minor scratches and other small traces, abrasion or discoloration of the case. All photos on the site is original!

  • Work in 220V 50Hz power!
  • Made in: Japan 1970-years
  • Alarm: electronic signal, radio
  • Additionally: sleep timer, AM and FM frequency 88-108 Mhz, 24-five-hour time format.
  • Model from the series hours like in the movie Groundhog Day!

Vintage Panasonic Flip Clock. A similar model from the movie "Groundhog Day".