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Vintage tabletop clock radio and alarm clock (flip clock) 1970-x years — iconic gadgets, have become popular again in the world for their unique design in the style of Space Age and thanks to the legendary films "Groundhog Day" and "Back to the Future". All flip clocks are from my personal collection restored, fixed, They work in 220v 50Hz power, and will serve for many years.

It is interesting: "Groundhog Day" flip clock from the same movie
Перекидные часы Panasonic

Model from the Panasonic flip clock series of the 70s, with superb soft sound, creating a tube radio atmosphere. Last century wood-look design with chrome accents and control knobs. The clock works fine on our 50Hz network. FM radio 88-108 and AM range. The alarm can be a radio station or an electromagnetic buzzer.

  • Made in: Japan 1970-years
  • Alarm: radio, electromagnetic buzzer
  • Additionally: sleep timer

Panasonic Flip Clock