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Vintage tabletop clock radio and alarm clock (flip clock) 1970-x years — iconic gadgets, have become popular again in the world for their unique design in the style of Space Age and thanks to the legendary films "Groundhog Day" and "Back to the Future". All flip clocks are from my personal collection restored, fixed, They work in 220v 50Hz power, and will serve for many years.

It is interesting: "Groundhog Day" flip clock from the same movie
Часы из фильма «Назад в будущее» Panasonic RC-6015

Original Flip Clock from the movie "Back to the Future" Panasonic RC-6015. It became a cult gadget all over the world thanks to the emergence of this model in the film. A unique chance to buy this clock, working in Russia in the 50Hz network.

Production Japan 1970 years, Matsushita group (Panasonic). Good condition, despite her age have an excellent appearance – to look at how the new. Made restoration work and maintenance!

The kit included a copy of the original instructions. Hours will be packaged in a new cardboard box.

All photos on the site is original! To view, click on any image to zoom in high resolution, Then click on the icon at the bottom of the screen to load the image.

  • Work in our power 220V 50Hz!
  • Made in: Japan 1970
  • Cabinet: Plastic, wood simulated print
  • Alarm: Sound signal, radio
  • Additionally: sleep timer, backlight, AM and FM frequency 88-108 Mhz, 12 hour time format + AM and PM (before and after noon)
  • This model changeover clock appears in the film "Back to the Future»

Flip Clock from the movie "Back to the Future» Panasonic RC-6015